Woodruff Academy

Altamonte Chapel with fountain


CE@WA offers an education that compliments each student and his/her family in their spiritual and educational goals. A Christian education lays the groundwork for a Christ-like life. We ask families to be active in attending and contributing to the church of their choice. CE@WA strives to inspire our students with a higher purpose in life. From Kindergarten to High School Graduation, students are prepared to compete in higher education and to build on the best spiritual and moral foundation.

CE@WA’s Educational Plan
  • Focuses on proven academic practices which foster achievement and a desire to learn. Does not use Common Core.
  • Students learn to ask meaningful questions, develop a rich vocabulary and complete their daily assessments promptly
  • Students work individually and in teams based on the abilities of each student. More advanced students often have an opportunity to serve as they assist a student that needs more academic understanding
  • Emphasizes the importance of quality writing skills, solving complex problems, and evaluating the value of sound reasoning skills
  • Carefully monitors the academic development of each student with quick turn-around grading and teacher feedback
  • High School students, staff and parents develop a plan for college and dual enrollment where possible (Students must have a desire to apply the effort necessary)
  • Offers experiences through community involvement, thereby developing the student’s ability to see beyond their personal needs
  • Strives to emphasize the spiritual and temporal aspects of subjects where possible
  • Students share spiritual testimonies and provide inspirational messages during chapel devotionals

As a result of CE@WA’s commitment to the individual development of each student, 95% of the Academy’s graduating students go on to higher education. As students follow the pattern of academic studies set forth by the Academy, CE@WA students are prepared to compete commensurate with their individual ability during the 21st century.