Woodruff Academy

Living a Christian Life on Campus and at Homewilford-woodruff-82934-wallpaper


The desire of Christian Education at Woodruff Academy (CE@WA) is to offer an awe-inspiring atmosphere complementing each student and his/her family in meeting spiritual goals. To afford students the best possible advantage, we ask families to be active in attending and contributing to the church of their choice. CE@WA strives to inspire our students with a higher purpose in life. Each attendee is taught to built on the best spiritual and temporal foundation. The combined influence of parents and staff are better than either one alone. The staff strives to keep parents/guardians informed regarding topics discussed in chapel and how they might follow up on those discussions at home. Likewise, the Academy uses texting, emails, and Facebook post to communicate with parents. Seminars and workshops designed to empower parents with Bible-based teaching tips will encourage and equip parents/guardians in gaining insights regarding their child/ren.

CE@WA has found that students impact one another through spiritual attitudes and goals. The Academy offers leadership opportunities by providing youth a voice in the events and activities on campus. Additionally, CE@WA’s coursework gives instruction with a spiritual foundation that becomes the vehicle to carry out the student’s ideas. Learners have an opportunity to work on committees, share student testimonies, provide inspirational messages during chapel, and develop leadership skills through service projects, assisting teachers in the classroom and mentoring other students. In many ways, CE@WA allows students to reach the hearts of their peers.