2017/18 Home School Fees



New Family Application $100 Per New Family


Per student – Pd. with Enrollment:  
Includes 2 Uniform t-shirts
1 Uniform Swimming Suit
Assessment for New Students $50
Financing Available – FACTS Financial Management
Family Fees: (bi-weekly payment plan available – Pd. in full by May 1st)  
Field Trips/Service Days Per Student, Per Year $100 ($50 Sem)
Computer/Technology/Supplies/Curriculum-Per Student $220
Fundraising Donation (Parents may volunteer 20 adult hours per year or pay $200 per family) $200 (or volunteer)


Elective Class Tuition-$91.10 per month/per credit or $45 per class Monthly Special Events – $45 per month
Family History-Weekly Students Awards (1st and 2nd Semester)
Arts and Crafts-Weekly Talent Shows (1st and 2nd Semester)
YMCA-Weekly Field Days (1st and 2nd Semester)
Music Theatre-Weekly After School Sports-Twice a week


Daily Campus Class Options: ($91.10 per month/per credit)
Social Studies
Bible/Seminary (no charge)


After School Sports (Pending)  


FACTS Finance Management – All payment plans $100 Per Family (unless all fees are paid in full at registration)
  • For Enrollment information contact the school office at 407.470.2818

  • School Uniform Guidelines click HERE