Personalizing Education

Bringing together Knowledge and Wisdom

The scriptures teach to “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33)

With CE@WA, our goal is to kindle the full academic potential within every student. We use an alternative educational approach patterned after Ms. Charlotte Mason, an educator from the 1800’s. She created schools in England and established small cottages where children were grouped based on interest and sometimes, abilities. The teacher both nurtured and educated each student much like a loving mother. Ms. Mason encouraged the spiritual, educational, practical, emotional and social aspects of a student’s life. She emphasized problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and common sense.

With the Bible as the foundation of all educational experiences the Academy has established cottage classrooms. Simultaneously students and staff become enlightened and grow in both knowledge and wisdom. Mutually applying knowledge from humankind and wisdom that comes from God through His scriptures and prayer, the children enrolled with CE@WA learn how to take ownership of their personal choices and decisions.

For more information about Ms. Charlotte Mason and her teachings, read: For the Children’s Sake, by Susan Schaffer McCauley.

Prepared to Compete in Higher Education

CE@WA’s inclusive educational plan focuses on proven academic practices, fostering achievement, and we find the environment provides life-awakening prospects. Our plan with CE@WA includes:

  • Foundational practices not limited to students learning to ask meaningful questions, develop a rich vocabulary and complete their daily assessments promptly
  • Distinguishing the value of instruction while sometimes working in teams based on the individual abilities of students, at times giving more advanced students an opportunity to serve as they assist a student that needs more academic understanding
  • Highlighting the importance of quality writing skills, solving complex problems, and evaluating the value of sound reasoning skills
  • Offering continued developmental experiences through community involvement, thereby developing the ability to see beyond their personal needs
  • Carefully monitoring the academic development of each student with quick turn-around grading and teacher feedback
  • Teamwork with parents to obtain a meaningful outcome commensurate with each student’s ability

As a result of CE@WA’s pro-active commitment to the individual development of each student, the Academy’s success rate to go on to higher education is an average of 95%. When students follow the steps put forth by the Academy to compete at the college level and when they exuberate the energy to prepare for college combined with a parent’s high academic expectations, the graduates of CE@@WA have never been denied a college education. As students follow the pattern of academic studies set forth by the foundation of the Academy, CE@WA students are prepared to compete commensurate with their individual ability during the 21st century.