Handbook & Policy Agreement

Handbook Agreement

Signed agreement to follow policies and procedures
  • My signature certifies the following: As the responsible parent/guardian, I have read all aspects of the website and will adhere to and comply with the above policies and procedures as required by CE@WA.

  • Individual & Family Spiritual Commitments

    I will regularly attend the church of my choice and strive to daily apply the teachings of Jesus Christ by living the Ten Commandments, The Beatitudes, all Biblical teachings, and apply the Atonement of our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ.

    I realize the importance of applying Biblical and therefore, spiritual truths and principles in my individual life, my personal family, in my church family, in the community by-and-large, and with my CE@WA family.

  • Admission

    I understand all students are admitted to CE@WA on a ninety (90) day probation.

  • Coming Prepared to Learn

    I understand my student will come to school properly prepared for class. If they do not submit their lessons on time and in good condition, the student will have his/her grades lowered by one grade which may be reflected on the report card.

    I understand when my student turns in late work or work in poor condition, it will reflect a low quality of education obtained.

  • Personal Technology/Devices

    I understand my student will not bring toys, electronics, and/or cell phones to school unless invited by a staff member to do so for a special, one-time, limited event.

    In case of an emergency, teacher phones are readily available to use.

    All personal electronic devices should not be brought onto campus but instead should be left in the car or at home. This includes but is not limited to; student cell phones, tablets, music and game playing devices or any other form of electronics. They cannot be stored in backpacks, purses, or on a student’s person in any form.

    Should a parent need to reach a student on campus, they may text or phone the office staff or any teacher until they make contact with an adult. The student will then be notified to call the parent.

  • Student Conduct

    Students will speak respectfully to parents, staff, volunteers, peers, and visitors when spoken to and will maintain respectful eye contact.

    Students will greet campus visitors by shaking their hands in a warm and friendly manner when introduced.

    Students will speak respectfully to one another.

    CE@WA has “zero” tolerance for ANY unkindness. Students may be dismissed and/or expelled without further warning beyond this written agreement. AGAIN: Unkindness toward any peer or adult will NOT be tolerated on any level including hurtful sarcasm.

    Students will avoid causing dissension among peers.

    Students are encouraged to share their various views with the staff and administration regarding any difference of opinion, but should expect to do so with a Christ-like love while speaking respectfully.

    Students will not be disruptive in class or disrupt other classes in hearing range.

    CE@WA has “zero” tolerance for classroom disruptions in any instance and a disruption may result in immediate expulsion of any student without prior warning.

    Students will not participate in public displays of affection.

  • Nutrition

    Unless otherwise specified for special events, I will comply with the WATER ONLY campus policy. This includes flavored water additives, caffeine, healthful organic drinks, smoothies, chocolate drinks, soda, juice, etc. NOTE: Milk (rice, soy, cow, goat or other nutritious milks) are allowed when brought on campus stored with an ice block. (NOTE: Refrigerators are not available to students on campus).

    Unless otherwise specified, students, staff, and volunteers will bring healthful lunches and snacks consisting of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and a healthy grain. Microwaves are typically available so leftovers are often a good option. Granola bars, yogurts, pre-packaged fruits and other processed foods should be inspected for sugar content. All foods should be 10 grams of sugar or less (the equivalent of 5 tsp. of sugar. Package food carefully to avoid spilling or making a sticky mess.

    All foods that require refrigeration should have an ice block to keep food from spoiling.

    To avoid problems with allergies, students and staff will not share food except when covered dish meals are a part of the events or programs.

  • Photos

    I understand CE@WA will be allowed the use of any photos of students, staff, parents, volunteers, and/or friends associated with CE@WA. We understand any photography, videos, etc., taken in relation to CE@WA may be used by the Academy for any promotional purposes including, but not limited to CE@WA website, literature, newsletters, fliers, etc.

  • On Campus Dress Code for Families and Guest

    When participating with CE@WA or visiting on campus, I/my family will strive to adhere to a modest dress code .

  • Uniforms

    I understand students will arrive on campus properly groomed (including ties properly tied and shirts tucked in).

    I understand if students arrive on campus out of dress code they will go to the office until a parent brings them the proper attire. Repeated offenses of any kind may result in being sent home, suspended, and if persistent, expelled from CE@WA without further warning.

    I understand students will stay properly dressed in their uniform pieces until after they have departed the campus.

    I understand female students, male students, and staff will properly wear the uniforms as outlined on specific days of the week.

  • Grooming

    I understand students will arrive on campus with modestly styled hair, scarves for girls/women, jewelry, school ties (where applicable), and a 24” necklace for girls/women (where applicable).

  • Accessories

    I understand female students and staff may wear one pair of earrings at a time in any size or style.

    I understand student accessories may include decorative belts that complement the uniforms, tennis shoes of choice that match the uniforms on PE days, black shoes or boots of choice on dressy casual days, and black dress shoes on dressy days (see the dress chart provided for your refrigerator.)

  • Annual Testing

    All but the special needs students enrolled at Christian Education are required to be tested at the end of the school year. CE@WA uses the state approved BASI (Basic Achievement Skills Inventory), test. The Academy’s students are known to statistically score very high on their annual achievement tests.

  • Attendance

    I understand my student will arrive in class on time and have a proper attitude of learning.

    I understand my student is expected to arrive no later than 8:55 AM.

    I understand this arrival time provides my student time to put away his/her belongings, wash his/her hands, ask the staff questions not related to the courses of study, and/or to allow a couple of minutes for the students to visit briefly and settle into his/her classroom studies in a timely manner.

    I understand when students arrive at 8:55 AM or after, he/she will report to the Academy’s office and sign in.

    I understand that should my student arrive later than 8:55 AM, the classroom work they miss by being tardy (i.e. group and individual instruction time, etc.) will hamper his/her academic development.

    I understand the schoolwork my student misses by being late for class will become homework for that evening, so my student does not get behind in his/her assignments.

    I understand when my student arrives after 8:55 AM, he/she will keep a school assigned literature book in their book bag to read until 10:00 AM when they join the staff and peers to participate in the campus devotional and/or the next classroom transition at 10:00 AM (at 9:45 AM on Fridays).

    I understand that the policy of reporting to the office when late is not to impose a punishment on the late student. The reward for students who are on time is a quality, uninterrupted, the classroom experience that will further the education and the importance of education to all attendees.

    If I have a student in grades VPK-3, I will escort them to their classroom to complete sign-in and sign-out requirements. Older siblings may be authorized to sign a VPK-3 student in/out from their classroom only if a signed waiver is submitted.

    I plan for my student to attain a 100% attendance record unless he/she has a fever and/or he/she is considered medically contagious.

    I understand that I will need to submit a doctor’s note to excuse absences lasting longer than three consecutive days due to illness.

    I understand my student will not miss more than eight (8) days of school per year (2 days each quarter) unless extremely ill and perhaps hospitalized.

    I understand I will do all I can to schedule any family and student vacations around the school calendar, thereby maintaining a good quality of education for my student.

    I understand that if I pre-plan vacation days in addition to CE@WA's scheduled holidays, my student will complete and submit all schoolwork due during his/hers absence. The work must be in mint condition and properly completed before the additional vacation days.

  • Extended Care

    Extended Care morning hours are 7:50 AM to 8:45 AM.

    Extended Care afternoon hours vary by grade.

    Kindergarten 2 PM-5 PM

    1st - 3rd Grades 3 PM-5 PM

    4th-12th Grades 4 PM-5 PM

    Friday's are 1/2 day 8:45 AM-1:00 PM

    Extended care offers two options. The first option is Monday thru Thursday and includes before and after care until 5:30 PM for $55 per student/week. The second option is Monday thru Friday with before and after care until 5:30 PM for $75 per student/week.

    The Extended Care Program closes promptly at 5:30 PM. There is no grace period after 5:30 PM. Please note an additional fee will be charged for any late pick up regardless of the reason. Fee assessment begins at 5:31 PM at a rate of $15.00 each quarter hour interval. (A 6:00 PM pick-up may be available if needed. Contact the office if you would like to request this option.) Repeated late pickups will result in your student being withdrawn from the program with no further obligation from CE@WA. Parents are required to communicate with the teacher regarding their plans on a weekly basis. Teachers will plan their time according to that communication.

    Extended care is billed on a monthly basis and will be part of the financial agreement.

  • Property

    I understand my family members will endeavor to keep church property/the campus as it was found including, but not limited to, the tables, chairs, buildings, grounds, and personal property of the Church.

    I understand parents are billed for any intentional and unintentional ruin caused by a student to private or public property when enrolled with CE@WA.

  • Cleanliness

    I understand my student will use good sanitary practices as instructed by the staff including, but not limited to, washing hands on arrival.

    I understand students will take initiative to clean personal workspaces throughout the day.

    I understand students will participate in giving service to CE@WA by assisting when asked in cleaning the foyers, breezeways, and grounds after snacks, lunches, special events, and to likewise clean bathrooms when asked by a parent, volunteer, and/or staff member.

    I understand students will thoroughly clean their respective classrooms at the end of each day including, but not limited to, straighten and/or empty their cubbies/lockers, empty classroom garbage putting curriculum neatly away, straighten chairs, and sanitizing their desk/tables at the end of each day.

  • Safety

    Due to insurance liability, I understand students will only bring skateboards, bikes, and/or any mobility of any kind on the campus when invited to participate in school sponsored special events.

    I understand students will wear only close toed shoes (no sandals or flip-flops unless specified for special events) and students will not be barefooted on campus.

    I understand when we arrive on campus during school hours and find the doors locked, I will knock on the outside door and patiently wait for a staff and/or safety patrol student to look out the door and only open the door when they recognize me as the parent/guardian.

    Anyone other than the parent should first report to the office to sign in as a guest. The office will notify the respective teacher and identify their purpose for coming to the classroom.

    Students will only depart the campus with a parent/guardian unless permission has been granted in writing by the parent and CE@WA has a photo ID of the approved adult on file. The teacher/director will safely release the student to a parent/guardian approved custodian.

    Students will not wander the halls or roam the campus unless supervised by an adult over age 21 who has a Level II fingerprinting on file and is as a staff member and/or a volunteer.

    Visiting guests will never be left unsupervised.

    Students are expected to be in class unless permission has been granted by the respective classroom teacher or a staff member with authority. A hall pass will be provided in writing.

    For safety reasons students will only use approved entrances and exits.

  • School Transportation

    Transportation to field trips, events and activities will be in a vehicle owned by a teacher, classroom aide, or volunteer chaperone.

    Every driver of those vehicles holds a current and valid driver's license.

    When a vehicle is used for transportation by CE@WA and students are on board, those students will not be left unattended for any amount of time.

    Child Restraint Guidelines

    I understand that CE@WA will follow Florida's child restraint guidelines.These guidelines exceed the requirements of the law but provide the safest environment for travel to field trips & activities.

    All staff, volunteers and students will use a seat belt while traveling.

    Children who weigh from forty (40) to eighty (80) pounds and/or are less than four (4) feet nine (9) inches (4’9”) in height, will ride in a front-facing car seat or use a booster seat. The student car seat must be provided by the parent and left at CE@WA on the day of the field trip or event. CE@WA does not keep front facing seats or booster seats on campus.

  • Medication

    I understand students are not to take any medication on campus without the parent/guardian first speaking to the home room teacher and/or director.

    I understand the student’s name must be written on the bottle of medication.

    I understand the instructions for usage must be in writing, dated and signed by the parent/guardian.

    I understand the medication will be administered by a authorized member of the staff who has Level II fingerprinting and is over age 21.

    I understand the medications will remain locked while on campus.

  • Steps for Transfer/Withdrawal

    I will use the following required steps to transfer/withdraw a student:

    1. Pay in full all finances agreed upon at the time of registration. I understand enrolling a student is a full one-year commitment and transcripts will only be sent to a new school when all outstanding fees are paid in full. 

    2. I understand that because the student withdrawal process requires signatures by an Academy's designee and by me as the parent/guardian, an office appointment is required. I understand that as the parent/guardian that previously signed the student's scholarship agreement with the state of Florida and/or completed the paperwork and financial agreement with CE@WA, I will need to also sign the official Withdrawal Form. I will use the website scheduling tool and set an appointment allowing five business days. I will state the purpose of my visit in the notes field of that appointment. I understand that an email, text, verbal, or drop-in visit is not considered an official notification of my student's withdrawal.

    3.  I will return all uniform pieces in good, reusable condition free from stains, fading or damage.

    4. Once the uniform pieces are evaluated by the Academy, I will provide reimbursement for any uniform pieces not in good reusable condition based on the replacement cost of $21 per shirt/blouse, $10 per T-shirt, and $25 per jacket.

    5. I will return all instruments, technology, and/or curriculum in good reusable condition or pay for all replacement cost.

    6. I will pay for any and all damages that may have been a result of my student's intentional or unintentional damage while participating at the School.


    **HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS - I understand that High School students require 24 credits for graduation. Because the Academy has developed a personalized approach that meets the needs of individual students, semester credits cannot be given if the withdrawal or transfer occurs mid-semester. I understand that coordinating the withdrawal between semesters will improve my chances of the High School student receiving all of the credit they have earned when transferring to another school. 

    I understand that student's transcripts created by the Academy are considered the property of the Academy. The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) expects the parents of scholarship students to live up to their financial agreements and obligations based upon the student's registration and tuition cost published by the Academy. 

    When all of the steps outlined are complete and I have honored all of my financial obligations, the student's grades/transcripts will be sent by CHRISTIAN EDUCATION @ Woodruff Academy in a sealed envelope to the new school. A copy marked parent/guardian can be requested by me and I can pick it up by appointment. I will be notified when the copy has been mailed to the new school. 

  • Finances - Fundraising Commitment

    I understand that because CE@WA values family time, CE@AW only occasionally offers a school fundraiser that involves selling items to family and friends. CE@WA strives to make all fundraising efforts limited to events that are family oriented.

    I understand parents/guardians committ to participate two times a year in a $100 fundraising/donation campaign. The first family donation is paid before October 1st in exchange for 4 entrances to an ALL YOU CAN EAT bar-b-q with a bounce house, canoeing, paddle boats, etc. Additional tickets sell for $25 per person. The event takes place in November at CAMP HERONWOOD on Red Bug Lake Road, about 10 minutes from CE@WA's Winter Park campus.

    The second fundraising/donation of $100 is due before February 1st in exchange for 130 tickets to spend at the the ANNUAL CARNIVAL AND RUMMAGE SALE. Should the Carnival and Rummage Sale cancel due to lack of parent participation, the $100 donation is still required.

    A $50 late fee will be added per fundraising/donation event if the donation is not made on time.

    For true success with both events, CE@WA relies on parents and students to sell additional tickets to local family and friends. This will allow us to increase our numbers, and therefore, increase much needed revenues.

  • Finances

    I understand that upon enrollment, the parent/guardian is responsible for the child’s registration and tuition fees in the event that they are not paid by scholarship and/or donation. 

    I understand that the tuition fees may vary from what is listed above if the student's curriculum assessment provides an unexpected picture of the child’s current educational needs.

    I understand that a supplementary fee of $90 for activities and $50 for field trips per student/per semester are due by October 1st and February 1st. This payment will be added to the family fundraising donations which are also due by the same dates.

    I understand there is a $50 late fee for EACH delinquent payment or additional fee due beyond the 1st day of each month (or weekly deadline depending on your personal financial agreement with CE@WA). This could result in multiple $50 late fees on your invoice.

    I understand if ANY payments due are 5 days late, the student(s) may not attend classes on the 6th day of the month or after until ALL payments are current.

    I understand that this refers to ANY payments that are 5 days late, regardless of the amount. 

    I understand that all online payments must be made before midnight of the 31st (or the 5th if I am paying late). All payments receive a date and time stamp. I understand the staff will not be able to verify payments made any morning before school. 

    I understand if payments are 5 days late, the student(s) may not attend classes until all payments are current.

    I understand when parents pay using the tuition payment plan, an administrative fee will be added to each tuition payment. (Payment schedule may be determined in part by parent/guardian credit score.)

    I understand that until all tuition, supplemental fees and required donations are paid in full, I will receive a monthly invoice. I understand that this is done as a courtesy; however, it is my responsibility to keep track of my fees and tuition due and it is not the responsibility of CE@WA to remind me. If there is an error on the invoice, it is my responsibility to report it to the staff at CE@WA and make it right.

    I understand if a student transfers prematurely during the school year for any reason, a written letter of withdrawal and all outstanding registration/tuition fees are due in full upon notice of the transfer. This includes but is not limited to scholarship amounts, which will then become the full responsibility of the parents to pay.

    I also understand that student records will be sent to the new school of choice when in addition to all fees & tuitions due, uniforms, books, technology, instruments, etc., are all returned. All items must be in good condition, good repair, and in good working order, or parents will fully pay a compensatory cost to CE@WA for all replacements.

    I understand that the McKay Scholarship, originally created in 1999, was intended for “extra” services (i.e. SSS, ESE, therapy, etc.) for students with disabilities at a public or private school. Now the McKay funds can be used for my child’s tuition at a private school thus, I may need to pay up to 49% more than the scholarship provides for these “extra” services. 

    I understand that if my child needs professional tutoring, counseling, speech/language, physical, occupational, or behavioral therapy outside of the school and my insurance does not cover it, I will pay the fee(s) to help my child be successful. If required, I will provide monthly documentation of therapy sessions to CE@WA.

  • As parents/guardians, students, and staff we will adhere to and comply with the following policies and procedures as required by CE@WA.