Nutritional Policy

Unless otherwise specified for special events, CE@WA is a WATER ONLY campus. This policy includes flavored water additives, caffeine, healthful organic drinks, smoothies, chocolate drinks, soda, juice, etc. NOTE: Milk (rice, soy, cow, goat or other nutritious milk) are allowed when brought on campus stored with an ice block. (NOTE: Refrigerators are not available to students on campus). Each student is requested to keep a water bottle on hand for easy access to keep hydrated. Students who arrive no later than 8:50 AM for classes have time to fill their bottle each day.

Students, staff, and volunteers will bring healthful lunches and snacks consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, high proteins, and healthy grains. Granola bars, yogurts, pre-packaged fruits and other pre-packaged processed foods of all kinds will be inspected by the staff for a combined sugar content limited to a total of 10 grams of sugar or less (the equivalent of 2.5 tsp. of sugar) per school day, not per packaged item. Because we are drinking water throughout the day, the sugar from fresh fruit or veggies is not a concern.

Except in the VPK/Pre-K room, microwaves are typically available, so leftovers from home are often a good option. Pack food carefully to avoid spilling or making a sticky mess.

Teachers and Staff will ask the student to discard or return home any food or drink items brought to school if it does not adhere to the above policies.

All foods that require refrigeration should have an ice block to keep food from building bacteria and spoiling.

To avoid problems with allergies, students and staff will not share food except when covered dish meals are a part of the events or programs.