Staff Handbook – Policies & Procedures

  • As a teacher/staff member working for or volunteering with CE@WA, I will adhere to and comply with the following policies and procedures as outlined.

  • Staff Member Spiritual Commitments

    I will regularly attend the church of my choice and strive to daily apply the teachings of Jesus Christ by living The Ten Commandments, The Beatitudes, all Biblical teachings, and apply the Atonement of our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ.

    I realize the importance of applying Biblical and therefore, spiritual truths and principles in my individual life, my personal family, in my church family, in the community by-and-large, and with my CE@WA family.

  • Family Statement of Religious Commitment

    Based on thought, prayer, and teachings found in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, CE@WA respects the parent’s right to teach specific doctrine to their child. We consider this stewardship to be a parental accountability directly to God, our loving Father.

    When on campus at CE@WA and throughout the course of each day, the staff and students affirm the following Christian teachings:

    • Jesus is our loving Savior
    • His greatest gift to us is eternal life by means of his Atonement
    • CE@WA uses the King James Version of the Bible on campus since it is the oldest, and therefore, we believe the most accurate and untouched record regarding the teachings of Jesus Christ
    • As Christians we make a covenant to follow the example of Jesus
    • He is the master teacher
    • He is the best example of compassion and charity
    • He teaches us not to judge one another, but to use good judgment with one another
    • His example of forgiveness is perfect
    • There are multiple benefits in living The Ten Commandments

    Typically, the 1st week of each month, the high school and middle school students prepare a devotional to teach the student body during chapel time. The students write their religious research paper as an essay and develop their thoughts based on an assigned scripture or teaching from the Bible. The religious essay is edited by the teacher and revised by the student as many times as needed, then presented by each high school/middle school student during chapel. The preparations for each devotional by the staff and students include the following:

    • Selecting music to sing based on the monthly theme
    • Leading the staff and students in the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer with the help of the K-5TH grades students
    • Share a meaningful scripture pertaining to the topic and/or character quality under discussion
    • Share a story from the Bible based on the topic and/or theme
    • Share a personal experience, and/or with permission, the experience of a family member based on the theme
    • Share a personal testimony of the monthly theme based on experience
  • Admission

    I understand all students are admitted to CE@WA on a ninety (90) day probation.

  • Coming Prepared to Teach

    By my employment with CE@WA, I am committing to come to school properly dressed and prepared to teach just as my students will come to school appropriately dressed and ready to learn. I will have lesson plans prepared to execute based on the needs of my student(s). Likewise, I will arrive no later than 8:40 AM and properly ready to greet my students no later than 8:45 AM.

    I understand the students are required to submit their lessons on time and in good condition. If a student does not maintain this protocol, the student will have his/her grades lowered by one grade that over time, will be reflected on the report card.

    I understand should I not adequately prepare for my students, it will create an inferior quality of education.

  • Student Personal Technology/Devices

    I understand students will not bring toys, electronics, and/or cell phones to school unless invited by a staff member to do so for a special, one-time, limited event.

    In case of an emergency, teacher phones are readily available to use.

    All personal electronic devices should not be brought on to the campus, but instead should be left in the car or at home. This includes, but is not limited to; student cell phones, tablets, music and game playing devices or any other form of electronics. Technology cannot be stored in backpacks, purses, or on a student’s person in any form.

    Should a parent need to reach a student on campus, they may text or phone the office staff or any teacher until they make contact with an adult. The student will then be notified to call the parent.

  • Student and Staff Conduct

    Students and staff will speak respectfully to peers, parents, staff, volunteers, and visitors when spoken to and will maintain respectful eye contact.

    Students will greet campus visitors by shaking their hands in a warm and friendly manner when introduced.

    Students will speak respectfully to one another.

    CE@WA has a “zero” tolerance for ANY unkindness. Students may be dismissed and/or expelled without warning beyond this written agreement. AGAIN: Unkindness toward any peer or adult will NOT be tolerated on any level including hurtful sarcasm.

    Students will avoid causing dissension among peers.

    Students are encouraged to share any views that may vary with the staff and administration regarding a difference of opinion, but should expect to do so with Christ-like love while speaking respectfully.

    Students will not be disruptive in class or disrupt other classes in hearing range.

    CE@WA has a “zero” tolerance for classroom disruptions in any instance and a disruption may result in immediate expulsion of a student without prior warning.

    Students will not participate in public displays of affection.

  • On Campus Dress Code for Families and Guest

    I understand if my family and/or friends are participating in events with CE@WA or visiting on campus, I/my family/friends will adhere to the Academy's modest dress attire.     

  • Nutrition

    Unless otherwise specified for special events, I will comply with the WATER ONLY campus policy. This includes flavored water additives, caffeine, healthful organic drinks, smoothies, chocolate drinks, soda, juice, etc. NOTE: Milk (rice, soy, cow, goat or other nutritious milks) are allowed when brought on campus stored with an ice block. (NOTE: Refrigerators are not available to students on campus).

    Unless otherwise specified, students, staff, and volunteers will bring healthful lunches and snacks consisting of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthy grains. Microwaves are available in ALL K-12th classrooms, so leftovers from home are often a good option. Granola bars, yogurts, pre-packaged fruits and other processed foods should be inspected for sugar content. All foods should be 10 grams of sugar or less (the equivalent of 2.5 tsp. of sugar. Please package foods carefully to avoid spilling or making a sticky mess in the classrooms and all over the child.

    All foods that require refrigeration should have an ice block to keep food from spoiling.

    To avoid problems with allergies, students and staff will not share food except when covered dish meals are a part of the events or programs.

  • Photos

    I understand CE@WA will be allowed the use of any photos deemed desirable of students, staff, parents, volunteers, and/or friends associated with CE@WA. I likewise, understand photography, videos, etc., taken in relation to CE@WA may be used by the Academy for promotional purposes including, but not limited to CE@WA's website, literature, newsletters, fliers, etc.

  • Uniform Guidelines

    I understand students and staff will arrive on campus properly groomed (including ties properly tied and shirts tucked in for boys/men).

    I understand if students arrive on campus out of dress code they will go to the office until a parent brings them the proper attire. Repeated offenses of any kind may result in being sent home, suspended, and if persistent, expelled from CE@WA without further warning.

    I understand students and staff will stay properly dressed in their uniform pieces until after they have departed the campus.

    I understand female students, male students, and staff will properly wear the uniforms as outlined on specific days of the week.

  • Accessories

    I understand female students and staff may wear one pair of earrings at a time in any size or style.

    I understand students and staff may wear accessories that include decorative belts that complement the uniforms, scarves or a 24” necklace for girls/women (when applicable), and school ties for boys/men (when applicable). I will follow the uniform schedule as outlined for the students and staff. (See the list of attire provided for your refrigerator.)

  • Grooming

    I understand staff and students will arrive on campus with modestly styled hair in natural colors and with simple modest highlights when approved. 

    I understand that setting an example of bathing and arriving with clean hair and a clean body are an important aspect of teaching. 

  • Student Attendance

    I understand students are expected to arrive in class no later than 8:55 AM and have a proper attitude of learning.

    I understand this arrival time provides a student the opportunity to put away his/her belongings, wash his/her hands, ask the staff questions not related to the courses of study, and/or to allow a couple of minutes for the students to visit briefly with peers, then settle into his/her classroom studies in a timely manner.

    I understand when students arrive at 8:55 AM or after, he/she will report to the Academy’s designee and sign in instead of disturbing his/her class.

    I understand that should students arrive later than 8:55 AM, the classroom work they miss by being tardy (i.e. group and individual instruction time, etc.) will become homework for that evening, so the student will not fall behind in his/her assignments.

    I understand I will teach students should they arrive after 8:55 AM, they will keep a school assigned literature book in their book bag to read until 10:00 AM when they join the staff and their peers to participate in the campus devotional and/or the next classroom transition at 10:00 AM (at 9:45 AM on Fridays).

    I understand the policy of reporting to the office when late is not to impose a punishment on the late student or embarrass the parent(s). The reward for students who are on time is a quality, uninterrupted, classroom experience that will further emphasize the importance of education to all attendees.

    If a student is in grades VPK-2, their parent will escort them to their classroom to complete sign-in and sign-out requirements. Older siblings may be authorized to sign a VPK-2 student in/out from the younger siblings classroom providing it does not cause the older sibling to be late for their class on condition a signed waiver is submitted by the parent.

    I understand parents are encouraged to plan for their student to attain a 100% attendance record unless he/she has a fever and/or he/she is considered medically contagious.

    I understand parents will submit a doctor’s note to excuse absences lasting longer than 3 consecutive days due to illness.

    I understand students will not miss more than eight (8) days of school per year (2 days each quarter) unless extremely ill and/or perhaps hospitalized thereby likewise providing medical validation.

    I understand parents are expected to do all they can to schedule any family and/or student vacations around the school calendar thereby assisting the Academy in maintaining a good quality of education for their student(s).

    I understand the Academy request parents to pre-plan vacation days in relation to CE@WA's scheduled holidays. Students will pre-complete and pre-submit all schoolwork due during his/hers absence. The work is expected to be in mint condition and properly completed prior to the additional vacation days.

  • Staff Attendance

    I understand as a staff member, I am expected to be in my classroom no later than 8:40 AM.

    I understand this arrival time provides me the opportunity to wash my hands, ask the other staff member's questions and be prepared to receive the students at 8:50. 

    I understand that should I find myself in a position to need a substitute for any reason, it is my responsibility to find the substitute from the list of approved CE@WA substitutes. I understand that when possible, pre-planning is expected to allow adequate time for the substitute to be prepared to teach the class. I will only resort to asking Ms. June or the office to aide me in finding a substitute when I have exhausted all known options. 

    I understand that should I be absent for any reason and regardless of my lesson plans left for a substitute, my absence will create a substandard education for my students. Therefore, I will plan my travel and commitments around the Academy's calendar. I will take good care of my health and nutrition to better ensure a strong immune system thereby "stacking the deck" (so to speak) in favor of not needing the assistance of a substitute. Should I have a fever, I understand the health department considers me contagious.

    I understand that I am paid based on my working hours as outlined in my contract and when a substitute is hired to take my place, they will be paid for those hours instead of me. 

    I understand that CE@WA follows a teaching calendar of a minimum of 170 days. The calendar is outlined in advance and is accessible on the website at any time. 

  • Income

    I understand that since I am paid hourly, my income will be impacted by any absence from my work responsibilities. I will be paid monthly and checks will be postmarked the first Wednesday of each month. I understand it is not professional to ask for early payment nor do I expect to be an exception to any and all of the Academy's payment policies.

  • Changes Must Be Pre-approved

    By my signature, I acknowledge any change of class schedule, any change of lessons taught, or any changes in curriculum for a student MUST first be presented to and approved by the administration. By a signature. If the administration deems it desirable, the changes will likewise, be pre-approved by the parent with his/her signature. 

  • Commitments

    I understand the following:

    It is important that I support and attend all paid and unpaid school sponsored classes, activities, and special events. I understand that by the nature of CE@WA being defined as a Christian family school, I am requested to involve my spouse, children, and/or extended family and friends where possible with any and all special events.”

    To provide the students a stabilized education I realize teaching with CE@WA is a one full year commitment to the student's academics.

    I also understand that if I do not uphold and comply with any and all of the policies and procedures set forth by CE@WA, for the sake of the children and for the betterment of the spiritual environment on the campus of the Academy, I may be discharged without notice. 

    It is my responsibility to provide and maintain my personal Level II fingerprints and a valid current CPR certification card. 

    Both certifications belong to me and accompany my employment.

    The purchase of school uniform shirts / blouses and all other uniform pieces are at my own expense. 

    It is my responsibility to visit the approved uniform store for proper sizing, pay for, and order my shirts/blouses so I am properly prepared for school on it's first day/first week. (The uniform shopping list and the uniform store's name and address are listed under the PARENT/STAFF PORTAL on the website's navigational bar.) 

    If I have any questions or concerns regarding the daily uniform, I will seek understanding so I may provide positive modeling for the students, parents and my colleagues of the Academy.

  • Extended Care

    I understand the extended care hours are as follows:

    Extended Care morning hours are 7:50 AM to 8:50 AM.

    Extended Care afternoon hours vary by grade.

    Kindergarten 2 PM-5 PM

    1st - 3rd Grades 3 PM-5 PM

    4th-12th Grades 4 PM-5 PM

    Friday's are 1/2 day 8:50 AM-1:00 PM

  • Property

    I understand students and staff will endeavor to keep church property/the campus as it was found including, but not limited to, the tables, chairs, buildings, grounds, and personal property of the Church.

    I understand parents are billed for any intentional and unintentional ruin caused by a student to private or public property when enrolled with CE@WA. Likewise, I understand a staff member will also be billed for any intentional and unintentional ruin caused by a staff member to private or public property.

  • Campus Cleanliness

    I understand students and staff will use good sanitary practices as including, but not limited to, washing hands on arrival.

    I understand I will instruct and guide students to take initiative to clean personal workspaces throughout the day.

    I understand students will participate in giving service to CE@WA by assisting when asked in cleaning the foyers, breezeways, and grounds after snacks, lunches, special events, and to likewise clean bathrooms when asked by a parent, volunteer, and/or staff member.

    I understand students will thoroughly clean their respective classrooms at the end of each day including, but not limited to, straighten and/or empty their cubbies/lockers, empty classroom garbage putting curriculum neatly away, straighten chairs, and sanitizing their desk/tables at the end of each day.

  • Safety

    Due to insurance liability, I understand students will only bring skateboards, bikes, and/or any mobility of any kind on the campus when invited to participate in school sponsored special events.

    I understand students and staff will wear only close toed shoes (no sandals or flip-flops unless specified for special events) and students and staff will not be barefooted in class or outdoors when on campus.

    I understand when students, parents, and/or staff arrive on campus during school hours and find the doors locked to prevent the entrance of intruders, we will knock on the outside door and patiently wait for an approved person to look out the door and only open the door when they recognize the peer, parent/guardian and/or staff member.

    Anyone adult on the campus other than the parent/guardian or a staff member should first report to the office and sign in as a guest. The office will notify the respective teacher and identify their purpose for coming to the classroom.

    I understand students will only depart the campus with a parent / guardian unless permission has been granted in writing by the parent / guardian and CE@WA has a photo ID of the approved adult on file. The teacher / director will safely release the student to a parent / guardian approved custodian.

    I understand students will not wander the halls or roam the campus unless supervised by an adult over age 21 who has a Level II fingerprinting on file and is as a staff member and/or a volunteer.

    I understand visiting guests will never be left unsupervised.

    I understand students are expected to be in class unless permission has been granted by the respective classroom teacher or a staff member with authority. A hall pass will be provided in writing.

    For safety reasons students will only use approved entrances and exits.

  • School Transportation

    I understand transportation to field trips, events and activities will be in a vehicle owned by a teacher, classroom aide, or volunteer chaperone.

    I understand that every driver of those vehicles holds a current and valid driver's license.

    I understand that when a vehicle is used for transportation by CE@WA and students are on board, those students will not be left unattended for any amount of time.

    Child Restraint Guidelines

    I understand that CE@WA will follow Florida's child restraint guidelines. These guidelines exceed the requirements of the law but provide the safest environment for travel to field trips & activities.

    I understand that ALL staff, volunteers and students will use a seat belt while traveling.

    I understand that children who weigh from forty (40) to eighty (80) pounds and/or are less than four (4) feet nine (9) inches (4’9”) in height, will ride in a front-facing car seat or use a booster seat. Student car seats must be provided by the parent and left at CE@WA on the day of the field trip or event. CE@WA does not keep front facing seats or booster seats on campus.

  • Purchasing of Supplies or Learning Materials

    I understand that there is limited compensation for supplies or learning materials purchased to benefit the students at CE@WA. All purchases on behalf of CE@WA which require reimbursement must be approved in advance by Ms. June or an authorized staff member. I understand that a supply requisition form must be submitted and written approval received. This form is found under the PARENT/STAFF PORTAL and GROUPS on the Academy's website.

  • Medication

    I understand students are not to take any medication on campus without the parent/guardian first speaking to the home room teacher and/or director.

    I understand the student’s name must be written on the bottle of medication.

    I understand the instructions for usage must be in writing, dated and signed by the parent/guardian.

    I understand the medication will be administered by an authorized member of the staff who has Level II fingerprinting and is over age 21.

    I understand the medications will remain locked while on campus.

  • Family/Student Fundraising Commitment

    I understand that because CE@WA values family time, CE@WA only occasionally offers a school fundraiser that involves selling items to family and friends. CE@WA strives to make all fundraising efforts limited to events that are family oriented.

    I understand parents/guardians commit to participate two times a year in a $100 fundraising/donation campaign. The first family donation is paid before October 1st in exchange for 4 entrances to an ALL YOU CAN EAT bar-b-q with a bounce house, canoeing, paddle boats, etc. Additional tickets sell for $25 per person. The event takes place in November at CAMP HERONWOOD on Red Bug Lake Road, about 10 minutes from CE@WA's Winter Park campus.

    The second fundraising/donation of $100 is due before February 1st in exchange for 130 tickets to spend at the ANNUAL CARNIVAL AND RUMMAGE SALE. Should the Carnival and Rummage Sale cancel due to lack of parent participation, the $100 donation is still required.

    For true success with both events, CE@WA relies on parents, students and staff to sell additional tickets to local family and friends. This will allow us to increase our attendance numbers, and therefore, increase much needed revenues.

  • Resolving Conflict - Using the Matthew Code

    The Ten Commandments are designed to help us be successful in all relationships as we apply what we call the Matthew Code, outlined in the Book of Matthew 18:15-17. If problems should arise for any member of your family, we ask that you take the initiative to use the following steps to resolve the conflict peaceably.

    Matthew 18

    15) Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.

    Step 1: If a situation of offense or misunderstanding has occurred, resolve it first by returning to them privately, without speaking to or involving others. Ask for more information regarding their thoughts or intent. Hopefully, understanding will be reached and you will part better friends.

    16) But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.

    Step 2: If you were not able to reach an understanding, return with one or two people that could be considered kind in nature and neutral. Ask all involved to keep the situation confidential so more damage will not occur. Approach them with love to bring harmony, develop understanding, and save the relationship. This will provide one or two additional people to verify the intent of each heart involved.

    17) And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as a heathen man and a publican.

    Step 3: If the person continues with you in conflict, then go before the school board (or if it’s not a school related conflict, go to your ecclesiastical leaders) and see if the conflicts can be resolved. If not, distance yourself knowing you did all you could do to save the relationship.

    Most people jump from the incident that takes place to the last part of verse 17. By then, the relationship becomes so emotional that any potential love that could exist, begins to feel unrepairable. It has been the experience of the Board of Directors that when the steps taught in Matthew 18:15-17 are thoughtfully and respectfully followed, all parties are satisfied with a peaceful outcome.

    I understand my child will be taught the above teachings as an important part of the curriculum. Should I ever encounter conflict, I will use the Matthew Code to resolve it peaceably.

  • As a staff member, I will adhere to and comply with the policies and procedures listed above as required by CE@WA.