IMG_20150213_113646I love this school because…

“We have nice teachers here at Woodruff Academy. We get recess for 45 minutes a day. The teachers give prizes most of the time, too. There are ZERO bullies at this school. I love Chapel at ten o’clock. 50% of why I’m here is that all of us talk about God, Jesus, the Holy Bible, prayers, and more. I have a lot of friends here, too. They are fun and make good jokes, including my teacher makes good jokes. They make me laugh. I’m learning a lot of things here at Woodruff Academy. That is why I love this school.”  Jordan, 4th grade

“This school is really fun. There’s a lot to do. I like recess and lunch. Both are my favorite things in school. I also like art, science, and I love reading for a while.”  Austin, 4th grade

“My favorite part of school is seeing Aaron and Ben. School has cool activities like swimming, art, science, team sports, and P.E. Sometimes we play games after our work is finished. Once my brother got hit with a branch. That’s why we have a rule not to play with sticks. We also have an aftercare teacher. His name is Mr. “C.”  Tucker, 3rd grade

“Our principal’s name is Ms. June. Don’t worry, she’s not a baboon. She drives me home at the end of the day, and when she brings me to school I say, “Yay!” She is a very nice principal, and I believe I speak for us all when I say her school is nice, and if I need to, I’ll repeat it twice. I think it would be really nice, maybe once or twice, to have a pet baboon, but I still really like Ms. June.”  Emma, 4th grade

“I love our principal, Ms. June. She is beautiful, wonderful, and agreeable. This school is the best of them all. At this school I met my best friend, Ben. I love my teacher, Ms. Kathy. She teaches us so much in math, reading, climbing (English), and science (elementary chemistry). Ms. Kathy prepares us for college. We are getting a good education at this school and more than others. That’s what I love about this school.”  Aaron, 4th grade

“I love this school. It has taught me so much. I have learned to share, love, and care. I am thankful for all my spectacular friends. Even the people who are not in my class are still my friends. Most of all I am grateful for my wonderful, Christian, loving principal, Ms. June. I thank God for all of my blessings that He has given me.”  Benjamin, 4th grade

“I love Ms. June, our principal of the school. She is so loving and kind. Ms. June also sacrifices a lot for our school. She never ever gets mad. We all love her. I love our teacher, Ms. Kathy, because she gives us games to play when our work is done. Ms. Kathy always remembers our birthdays. She is a very enthusiastic teacher which makes class fun and enjoyable. I love my classmates because they make me laugh. We all get along, play well, and have a lot in common. We enjoy each other in and out of the school.”  Bridger, 5th grade

“At Woodruff we have some recess. I have lots of friends. There are very nice teachers who care about our education. My very best friend is at this school. I love our school activities. The best and only dance I have been to was here at Woodruff Academy. Even though we only get 45 minutes of recess a day, this is the best school I’ve been to for almost 5 years.”     Reese, 5th grade

Here is a sampling of words that have been shared by parents, students and staff to one another:

“Thank you for taking such good care of my kids at school.  They love you so much.” Elisabeth, parent 

“Thank you for being my 2nd grade teacher.  I love you.” Jacob, VPK

“Thank you for helping me with my spelling and being the best teacher ever.  P.S. I love how cheerful you are.”                 Alyssa, 4th grade

“For a special teacher.  I love you.” Sommer, VPK

“Thank you for being so outstanding, understanding and caring.  You proved that learning can be a joyous and a pleasant experience.”  Landon and Mom, Kindergarten

“Thanks for being a great teacher.” Jaleel and Mom, Kindergarten

“Thank you for being a wonderful teacher to Jacob.  I’m proud of his progress this year and that by you.  Thank you for all you do.” Elizabeth, parent

“We are thankful that you engage Emma and inspire her to learn more.  You are a wonderful encourager in her daily life.  Thank you for being an excellent educator.  We appreciate your hard work, enthusiastic disposition, patient and kind with our special gift from God.  You are a fantastic teacher!  We love you.” Emma and The Alexander Family, VPK

“It’s not often enough that you are told how appreciated you are.  We want to make sure you know that we love you and are very thankful that you are a part of our lives.  To us you are an angel disguised as a teacher.  You are a warm, loving, caring, kind, patient, understanding and dedicated teacher with a kid at heart.  Thank you so very much.”  The McKenzie Family

“For my best teacher.  I love you.” Madison, Pre-K

“Thank you for being my teacher.  I like my class.  I really like math.  I love you always.” Parker, 1st grade

“You’re the best.  I love you.” Colton, 1st grade

“You rock.  You are sooo cool.  I love going to your class.  You make me so happy.” Reese, student

“I love you.  You are an awesome teacher.  You encourage me to do the right thing.  You are very nice to the class.  I bet that the play you were in was awesome because of you.  You light up the stage.  You are a very pretty teacher at Woodruff Academy.  All the kids and teachers love you.  I love you and you are cool.” Marley, 3rd grade

“You are my second favorite teacher.  I’m glad that you push me to do my homework.  I loved it when you substituted.” student

“I think you are funny and I like being in your class.  Thank you for giving me a ride.” Mitchel, 7th grade

“Thank you for playing all those fun games with us and helping us study.” Emma, Pre-K

“Thank you for taking good care of Emma at school in study hall.  I’m grateful for the help you give her there.” Elisabeth, parent

“To a very fun and funny teacher’s aide.  Have a great coming year.  I love you.” Ms. June, principal

“You are a good teacher.  I hope you have a good birthday.” Rachel, student

“You are such a sweet friend.  I deeply appreciate your kindness.” teacher

“You are hilarious, sweet and always put others first before yourself.  You always brighten up my day!  You are an amazing teacher and deserve much love.  I could listen to you for hours and never get bored.  I love you from the bottom of my heart.  You’ve inspired me in so many ways from being happy to funny to enjoying life to the fullest.” Maddie, 7th grade

“You are a very funny person to be around.  Everybody enjoys being around you.  I think you are an amazing teacher and everybody learns a lot from you.  You act so calm around people and do activities.  That is why I like you.” student

“Thank you for making me finish my homework every day.” Reese, 5th grade

“I think you are the best teacher ever because when I am done with my work, you let me play games sometimes.” student

“Thank you so much for everything you have accomplished with our student. May God bless you and your family.” parent

“Thank you for letting us have the best drama class.” student

“You’re a loving teacher and you bring great love to my life.” Carter, 4th grade

“Thank you for helping me get through the hard parts of math and being the best teacher ever!  P.S. I think you are a hard worker.” Alyssa, 4th grade

“First of all, I want to say that youare amazing.  You do so much and you are always caring and loving toward others.  You rarely complain.  I look up to you so much.  You always make things fun.  You are so patient.  Thank you for all that you do.  You are one of my favorite teachers.  Also, Tuesdays are my favorite because I get to do theater with you.” Natalie, 8th grade

“I love you.  Thank you for all you do.” student

“Thank you for teaching me and playing all those fun games with us.” Emma, 4th grade

“Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher to [our student].  She has enjoyed school this year and I’m proud of her progress.” Elisabeth, parent

“Thank you for helping my dad with transportation.  That’s really the only way I was able to come to camp and have the time of my life with kids close to my age.  I love when you tell me stories that happened back then.  It helps me see how things were.  Thank you for making my two weeks the Magical Week.  I loved everything you had planned for us and that I was part of.  I feel like God wanted me and you to meet each other because your life and mine are very similar.  I enjoyed the little adventure you would take me on.  It lets me see other things out there.  I admired everything you told me because I liked to learn new things.  May God bless you because you’re a very bright young woman and you’re very educated the way I see it.  You have a lot of power.  God should let you do what you love doing which is helping people, etc.” Alexandra, student

“I’m so blessed to have such an amazing principal!” Maddie, student

“Thank you for being a wonderful vessel of the Master.  You are the most spiritual woman I know.  Your love of Heavenly Father shines brighter than any I’ve seen.  Your commitment to His kingdom and this school is unwavering.  I love you and all you are and do.” Kathy, teacher

“Thank you for making it possible for our kids to attend WA this year and for all the help you have given our family.  The memories they have made will be cherished forever.” Elisabeth, parent

Thank you so much for being a wonderful principal and thank you for doing so much for the school.” Ben, student

“You are an amazing person.  You love us and give us comfort.  I want to thank you.” Carter, student

“I love you.  You are helpful.  You get blessings every day.  You’re so lovely.  You are also friendly.” Jordan, student

“Thank you so much for taking care of the whole school and being our nice and loving principal.” Reese, student

“Thanks for being the best principal ever!  I love you.  Thanks for guiding me and helping me.  I’m sorry for sometimes disobeying school rules.  I know they’re there to help me.  Thanks for all that you do.” Natalie, student

“Thank you for taking time on your weekends to grade our work and use your money to buy stuff for our class.  You are a wonderful teacher and I know you always will be.” Ben, 4th grade

“You are in my favorite three 4th grade teachers and are tied for first.  Love you more than I love pickles (which are my miracle) and ice cream which is my 2nd miracle.  Even though I haven’t been here that long, I love you that much.”  Emma, 4th grade

“Thank you for being a loving teacher and comforting me and teaching me everything I need to know.”  Carter, 4th grade

“Thank you for making me finish learning my multiplication tables.” Reese, 5th grade

“You’re the best teacher ever.  You do the best arts and crafts.” Tucker, 3rd grade

 “Thank you for being my teacher.  You did a great job at being a teacher.  It has been a fun year.” Bridger, 5th grade

“You taught me a lot this year.  I endured in a lot of work in your class this year.  You are very creative with the projects you did.  I enjoyed them.  They were interesting and that is why I love you.” Jordan, 4th grade

“I appreciate the personalized education my children receive here.  They aren’t just put in a class because of their age but are assessed as to their skills (including strengths and weaknesses) and placed in classes and at levels where they can feel successful.  There is no teasing about what courses a student is taking.  Each student works diligently at the level they are at. Children aren’t forced through the “conveyor belt” here and that means so much to our family.  We are just so grateful to be a part of the school.”  Olivia, parent