Student Withdrawal Policy

 Withdrawal/Transfer of Students 

(As outlined in the Student Handbook)

I understand the withdrawal protocol is specific and cannot be rushed or circumvented for time or convenience. I understand a request for student records from another school does not obligate CE@WA to complete the process beyond the outlined steps or timeline. It is my responsibility to follow the steps below and to allow adequate time for CE@WA to prepare transcripts for transfer.

I understand the following process:

1. I will pay in full all finances agreed upon at the time of registration. I understand enrolling a student is a full one-year commitment and transcripts will only be sent to a new school when all outstanding fees are paid in full.

2. I understand that because the student withdrawal process requires signatures by an Academy’s designee and by me as the parent/guardian, an office appointment is required. I understand that as the parent/guardian that previously signed the student’s scholarship agreement with the state of Florida and/or completed the paperwork and financial agreement with CE@WA, I will need to also sign the official Withdrawal Form. I will use the website scheduling tool and set an appointment allowing five business days. I will state “student withdrawal” as the purpose of my visit in the notes field. I understand that an email, text, verbal, or drop-in visit is not considered an official notification of my student’s withdrawal.

3.  I will return all uniform pieces in good, reusable condition free from stains, fading or damage.

4. Once the uniform pieces are evaluated by the Academy, I will provide reimbursement for any uniform pieces not in good reusable condition based on the replacement cost of $21 per shirt/blouse, $10 per T-shirt, and $25 per jacket.

5. I will return all instruments, technology, and/or curriculum in good reusable condition or pay for all replacement cost.

6. I will pay for any and all damages that may have been a result of my student’s intentional or unintentional damage while participating at the School.

I understand that student’s transcripts created by the Academy are considered the property of the Academy. The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) expects the parents of scholarship students to live up to their financial agreements and obligations based upon the student’s registration and tuition cost published by the Academy.

When all of the steps outlined are complete and I have honored all of my financial obligations, the student’s grades/transcripts will be sent by CHRISTIAN EDUCATION @ Woodruff Academy in a sealed envelope to the new school. A copy marked parent/guardian can be requested by me and I can pick it up by appointment. I will be notified when the copy has been mailed to the new school. PLEASE ALLOW A MINIMUM OF TWO WEEKS for the completion all transcripts.

**HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS – I understand that High School students require 24 credits for graduation. Because the Academy has developed a personalized approach that meets the needs of individual students, semester credits cannot be given if the withdrawal or transfer occurs mid-semester. I understand that coordinating the withdrawal between semesters will improve my chances of the High School student receiving all of the credit they have earned when transferring to another school.